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Look Beyond the Pandemic

As the lockdown is eased, is your business ready to take the leap?

These are unprecedented times. Customers will hesitate to come out, as their safety is their biggest concern.
It is time for you to reassure them… to reach out to them… Digitally.

Your Digital Outreach will become one of the most significant partners in re-establishing your business.

Looking to Get Your Business On Digital Platforms?

The Digital Accelerator Initiative is Designed Just for You

Establish Digital Presence

Reach Your Target Audience

Get Leads & Business

The Digital Accelerator Offer

All Annual Plans Available at Up To 30% DISCOUNT for A Limited Period

Check the terms of the offer below to view the eligibility criteria.

Why Digital Samvad?

Terms Of Offer

The terms and conditions of this offer are explained below. These terms will be binding to the Digital Accelerator Program as described on this page.

What is the Program and who is Running It?

The Offer is to enable businesses to establish their Digital Presence so that they get the required boost in the post lockdown phase. This is a limited time offer for subscribers of annual plans.

Who is eligible for participating in this program?

Though all those businesses that do not have an active relationship with SamvadSocial are welcome to apply.

What are the payment terms?

The payment needs to be made in advance at the time of the agreement.

Are there any additional charges?

The charges include all the services provided by us and included in the selected package. If you decide to run any paid campaigns on any platform, you will need to pay directly for the advertisement cost. If you do not have a domain registered, you will need to procure your own domain any service provider of your choice. The website will be hosted on a hosting service subscribed by you.

Can the services be renewed after the term?

Yes, the services can be renewed at prevailing rates for the same plan after the current term.

Where can I find more information and details?

For any queries about the program or our services, you can contact us at the following:

email: connect@digitalsamvad.com, connect@samvadsocial.com
Or call us on +91 982196512, +91 8551020003

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